Triplex developments in Perth: How to turn 1 block into 3

Many Aussies today buy homes for investment purposes hoping that the value of such property will eventually appreciate. If you want to build or purchase a home, either to live in or as an investment property, you should consider buying a triplex from your most trusted triplex builders.

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Triplex Home Design

Nowadays, population around the world is rapidly increasing. Same is true with Perth, Western Australia with an estimated population of 2.20 million with growth rate of 2.8%. That is why the local councils and other state government authorities search for ways to increase the density of homes across Perth especially in the metropolitan area. This is why triplex houses are advisable.

Triplex development is basically the process of subdividing one block of land into three dwellings. This type of property development is ideal for real estate investors who want to make more money from a certain parcel of land. From a piece of land, the investor can build 3 properties whether for sale or renting compared to building just one.

What is a triplex house and how does it look like? A triplex is a dwelling plan designed with three distinct living areas separated by walls, floors or both. This home design structure can have the outward look of row houses while some designs as a single structure with divided living areas like an apartment building.

From a profitability and return point of view, triplex development is the most effective. Subdividing into three lots and building two lots maximises your profits because generally you achieve about one and a half or two new blocks for free. However, this will depend on how much you buy the initial land for.

In addition to those, the triplex property development strategy is also ideal in finance. The lenders we deal with are able to finance triplex homes under residential lending.

If you want to hold the triplex property for a long term, you also have the option to do so depending on your goals. This can be achieved by using equity from your development time and time again without paying any capital gains tax. On the other hand, if you want to become a full time developer, selling your property can also be a good option. Either way your options are solid.