The Best Way to Organise Your Refrigerator

With all the busy schedules to keep and more urgent demands to meet, keeping their refrigerator organised and clean would seem like a chore or even a luxury to most people. It is only to be expected that items inside the fridge are moved around regularly thus resulting to clutter and disorder as it is a place where you keep your food and condiments.

Cleaning your refrigerator and organising its contents including the shelves can be an easier job, but you may still notice disorganised mess only after a while. To steer clear from this frustrating cycle, you have to keep in mind that keeping an organised refrigerator is a constant practice to master and not just a onetime chore. You need to develop the habit of systematically arranging and putting away items properly to avoid stacking up items in disorder.

A great start is by emptying your refrigerator and categorising the contents into their like groups such as meat, dairy, and produce. Before replacing the contents, wipe the shelves and compartments first (you may use soapy water for more effective cleaning).

Then store the taller items first so you can be sure you can monitor the contents of your refrigerator more easily. This will also minimise, if not totally diminish, the tendency of forgetting about certain food and leaving them to expire.

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